• What is Fasfa?

    Fasfa is the Frozen at Sea Fillets Association and was formed in 2000 to improve awareness of the excellent sustainability criteria and very high quality of frozen at sea fillets of cod and haddock.

    For a quick tour of the filleting & freezing at sea process on board the Granit IV, please click here.
  • Who are Fasfa members?

    Fasfa members are international fishing companies catching cod & haddock in the North Atlantic with fishing vessels equipped to fillet and freeze their catch at sea, businesses which further process and distribute frozen fillets to fish & chip shops restaurants and retailers in the UK.

    Information about Fasfa, the frozen at sea supply chain and distribution into UK is explained in this short film

    For details of current members, click here.

  • Who uses Fasfa fish?

    Virtually all fish & chip shops in the UK depend on frozen at sea (FAS) fillets for some time during the year and over 95% will use FAS fillets exclusively for all the cod and haddock they sell. FAS fish guarantees freshness, being frozen within hours of the fish being caught, as well as the certainty that it has been caught within scientifically proven criteria for sustainability, so you really can eat cod with a clear conscience.